Who is Caitlin?

Rather than hyperbolize my day-to-day life from early childhood to now, I figured it would be better for everyone to format the “About” section as more of a running Q&A than a biography.

Q: Why “Clever Girl Media”?

As a child of the 90s my early entertainment was a mixture of Aqua, Disney, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Jurassic Park… most of which I can still quote verbatim. From the very first time I saw Jurassic Park I, like most everyone I knew, become fascinated with Velociraptors.

More specifically Muldoon’s (Bob Peck) appreciation for their intelligence and athleticism.

Most especially after his “Clever Girl” line right before he becomes an afternoon snack. After all, most people in his situation would be thinking more along the lines of “Oh, shenanigans…” as they looked certain death in the face rather than offering up a solid compliment.

“Clever Girl Media” acts as a personal reminder of the work I want to do (sans gnawing on people, of course). A reminder to do what I love every day of the week rather than just from Saturday to Sunday. A reminder that I want to live the kind of life that, when it’s my turn to look the Grim Reaper in the eye, I can say, “Touché,” with a smile. And a reminder that helping you do the same is good for both of us.

Q: What do you do?

Clever Girl Media is pretty much free range. Generally speaking, the main focus (…I know, right?) is copywriting and graphic design: articles, blog posts, social media, product descriptions, adverts, infographics, page banners / headers / titles, flyers, announcements, et al.

On the other hand, creating forms, worksheets, stationery, and invitations are great fun. Building and maintaining websites, portfolios, and galleries are also on my “skills” list.

If you can classify it as “media” in its broadest sense it’s likely something Clever Girl Media can do for you!

Don’t worry: If your project is out of my realm of expertise, I will be completely up front with you before I start. Truth be told, I don’t benefit any more than you do by taking on projects I can’t handle.

Remember: Don’t stress about bringing odd / one-off projects to me! The worst thing I’m going to tell you is, “No.” I’m always stoked to take on new projects and learn new skills. Never be afraid to bring off-the-wall ideas!

Check out the Services page for more details.

Q: Are you a “Ghost Writer”?

Yes, I offer ghost writing services. Check out the Services page for more details.

Q: What do you charge?

I charge strictly on a per project basis. This helps ensure that I’m able to provide you the best quality and you’re getting the best deal – regardless of how big or small a project is. I’m very much a fan of win-win situations.

Q: Do you give free price estimates?

Yes! Hashing out the details with you regarding time-lines and cost estimates is completely FREE and done before I accept any project.

Q: So… why don’t YOU have social media, eh?

This was a difficult decision. The reason behind choosing to forego social media for Clever Girl Media is simple: the brands I represent are as varied and diverse as they come – bakers, realtors, bloggers, tattoo artists, massage therapists, bow hunters, and more. My neutral social media presence means that I’m not pigeonholed by any one genre, allowing me the flexibility to become / create the voice of the brand.

Q: Anything else?

I’m a quirky, opinionated, adrenaline-seeking, gamer who doesn’t have time for drama. I love to write, read, spoil my nieces & nephews, and occasionally jump off bridges and out of perfectly functioning airplanes.

My current ambitions are to acquire my skydiving license and eventually earn the experience needed to start Building, Antenna, Span, Earth (BASE) jumping solo. Until then, however, tandem BASE jumping is pretty awesome!

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