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Having been born with an adventurer’s spirit and a daredevil’s fearlessness, facing life’s challenges head-on is really the only way Caitlin knows how to do things. So, armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, an insatiable curiosity, and a love of research it’s really not surprising that Clever Girl Media has an eclectic clientele base.

A Short List of Current & Previous Project Genres: Real Estate, Health & Nutrition, Fitness, Crossbow Hunting, Weddings & Engagements, Event Planning, Furniture, Collectibles (including Cuckoo Clocks), Massage Therapy, Gaming & Character Creation, Landscaping & Equipment, STEM Education, Aftermarket Automotive & Motorcycle Accessories, Pet Products, Gun & Jewelry Safes, Environmental Conservation, and more.

Clever Girl Media

Blogging, Content Writing, Copy Writing

Expressive and personalized advertisements, website page content, company / personal blog posts, how-to guides, DIY guides, informative articles, Q&As, etc.

Unique Product Descriptions

Every product description is created specifically for that item. I do not copy/paste existing descriptions and just change a few words. I write completely custom descriptions each and every time.

Creative Short Stories

Creative Fiction or Creative Non-Fiction, short stories are a great way to connect with an audience on a personal and emotional level. Creating nostalgia or influencing action, the short story is as spellbinding now as it was an eon ago.

Ghost Writing

Applicable to all above services. Ownership and attribution to be established and agreed upon before the start of any ghost writing project.


Digital Graphic Design

You can have a brilliantly written article, but, unless it’s an academic article, it’s quite possible that it will go unread if it remains a daunting wall of text. Graphic design and images are great finishing touches.

Website headers, website banners, email signatures, product graphics, album covers, blog covers, quote graphics, infographics, icons, Call-to-Actions, etc.

I’m defining “digital graphic design” as any project intended to be used specifically in its digital format, e.g., not intended for print.

Print Graphic Design

Designed specifically for print, these designs include: handouts, flyers, inserts, brochures, letterhead & stationary, event invitations, wedding invitations, postcards, door-hangs, etc.

Please note that Clever Girl Media does NOT print any materials. There are many popular print services available online. I’m happy to tailor any project to the specifications of your chosen printing vendor.


New Social Media Account(s)

New to (or been avoiding) Social Media? No worries – creating a new social media account is a snap and can often be done in a day. All you’ll need to provide is the basics, i.e., hours, addresses, contact information, etc., I’ll take care of the rest!

Update Existing Account(s)

Already have a social media presence but haven’t had time to upload new photos… for the last three months… and just need someone to get you caught up? Clever Girl Media does that, too!

Recurring Account Maintenance

Looking to be mostly / completely hands-free? No problem – let’s discuss tactics and then I can take it from there! Get the benefits of an online presence without the hassle. Includes periodic checking-in to ensure all is well.


Digital Portfolios
Creation / Updating / Maintenance

Great For: Photographers, Tattoo Artists, Graphic Designers, Graphic Novelists, Adventurers, Drawers, Painters, Metallurgists, Glass Blowers, Dog Walkers, etc.

Web Design

Wonderfully user-friendly, you will be able to easily maintain your new blog or website once it’s finished – or I can do that for you as well. 😉

Experimental Shenanigans

Have a project or idea but don’t see it above? AWESOME! I’m always stoked to hear about unique concepts and would love the opportunity to hash out some details with you. If it’s something I think I can take on, amazing! If not, I’ll let you know up-front that it might be a good idea to visit a friend of mine instead – yep, that’s right, I have no problem referring you to another professional if I think your project is outside my realm of expertise.

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